Terms & Conditions

The Byre – Terms and Conditions

1.0 Booking

1.1 A 30% non-refundable deposit of the total cost is required to confirm the booking.  The balance is due 2 calendar months prior to your visit.  If the balance is not paid on time, the booking will be cancelled, and the dates re-let.

1.2 For bookings within 1 month, the total balance will be due.

1.3 Payment should be made by bank transfer

1.4 Please check your booking details for any errors or omissions and if there is an issue, contact us as soon as possible


2.0 Cancellations

2.1 50% of balance is refundable up to 28 days prior to arrival.  Other costs, including the deposit are not refundable and travel insurance should be taken out to cover these costs. Refunds will be paid by bank transfer.

2.2 If due to unforeseen circumstances, we need to cancel your booking, we will reimburse you the total cost of your holiday you have paid to us.


3.0 Your stay

3.1 Arrival at the property is after 16.00 and departure before 10.00 on the day you leave


4.0 Equipment

4.1 Everything should be in full working order when you arrive, but should there be any equipment failure, we will attempt to rectify matters as soon as possible, but we will be under no obligation to provide alternatives or offer discounts or compensation


5.0 Our Obligations

5.1 We will provide a safe, comfortable and clean cottage suitable for the number of guests booked for the period of the stay

5.2 We will provide a welcome pack of perishable goods suitable for the number of guests booked

5.3 We will provide necessary cleaning materials and receptacles to keep the Property clean and tidy during the stay

5.4 We will provide necessary heating, lighting and cooking facilities at no extra charge.  We expect guests to use these facilities sensibly, under a ‘fair use’ policy. Excessive use could incur additional charges.


6.0 Your Obligations

6.1 To comply with the regulations set out in the property information pack provided to you and any other regulations reasonably specified by us from time to time and ensure that they are observed at all times, by all members of your party

6.2 To check the Property and report any problems as soon as practicable.

6.3 To keep and leave the Property and the furnishings, including items such as kitchen equipment, crockery and glasses clean and in good condition and if moved, to return them to their original place at the end of your stay

6.4 Not to cause or allow any damage to the walls, doors, windows or any other part of the Property nor to do anything that may be reasonably considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance including parties, loud music or anti-social behaviour.

6.5 To take all necessary steps to safeguard our property, and your own personal property.

6.6 To report any accidents or breakages directly to us as soon as possible and settle any outstanding charges before leaving

6.7 Not to allow more people (and/or animals) to stay in the Property than expressly agreed, or change the makeup of the party during your stay in the Property without prior agreement.

6.8 Allow us access to the Property at any reasonable time during your stay for essential repairs, or in an emergency.

6.9 Provide the full name, address details of the person making the Booking, along with the full name(s) of all members of the holiday party, including their age if under 18.

6.10 Provide the nationality of all members of the holiday party, including their Passport number if they are from outside of the UK.

6.11 Provide a contact mobile telephone number for your journey to us, if possible.

6.12 Ensure the security of the Property is maintained at all times, turn off electrical equipment and keep downstairs doors and windows shut and secure while out

6.13 Ensure that no smoking (including e-cigarettes) takes place in any part of the Property.

6.14 Do not interfere with any of the safety equipment, eg smoke alarms and CO2 monitors.

6.15 Ensure that no naked flames (including sparklers) are used in any part of the Property (apart from lighting the woodburner).

6.16 Ensure that no illegal or anti-social activity is undertaken in any part of the Property

6.17 Ensure that dogs use the throws provided to protect furnishings

6.18 At the end of the stay, the Property should be left as in the ‘Response to Covid-19 Protocol’ available in The Byre

6.19 Misuse of the Property will be treated as a cancellation of the Booking by you and we shall be under no obligation to refund you for fees already paid to us. We may also refuse to hand over the Property to you, or require you to leave it.

6.20 Adhere to the Response to Covid-19 Protocol (attached, and available in The Byre)



7.0 Additional charges

7.1 Breakages, damage or the need for extra cleaning if the Property is abused could incur additional charges.  If this comes to light after the stay, photographic evidence will be provided and a bill issued.


8.0 Complaints

8.1 Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing stay. However, if you have any cause for complaint, it is important that you let us know as soon as possible.  It is often extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to resolve difficulties once you have left the Property

8.2 We will make every effort to address any complaint as soon as possible and to offer recompense where appropriate.


9.0 Our liability

9.1 Our maximum liability for losses you suffer as a result of us acting in breach of the terms and conditions outlined within this agreement is strictly limited to the total fees you have paid for the Booking.

9.2 The contract between you and us is governed by the law of England and Wales and we both agree that any dispute, matter or other issue which arises between us will be dealt with by the Courts of England and Wales.

9.3 We reserve the right to take appropriate legal action to recover any costs associated with non-payment of monies requested in relation to breaches of any of the conditions in this document.


10.0 Data Protection

10.1 We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 2018. Guests agree that basic details (name and address, telephone number and/or email address) are kept for the duration of their stay, emergency contact).  This data is kept securely, and no personal information will be passed to third parties, however, If you leave a review, we may use this in our advertising.  NB contact details for all guests, including a contact telephone number, is now requested for Government Test and Trace, in response to Covid-19


Updated April 2021