Covid-19 Information

The Byre – Response to Covid-19 Protocols

Welcome to The Byre! We have made some adjustments in the light of COVID-19.  Complying with these requests will mean that we can help to keep everybody as safe possible.

We have passed the VisitBritain’GoodtoGo’ scheme that ensures that we, as a hospitality venue, have put in place rigorous protocols to ensure guest safety with regards to Covid-19, and allows us to display the badge on our advertising.

ANYBODY who is exhibiting symptoms or who has any reason to believe they may have come into contact with the virus up to 14 days prior to their booking must follow the Government instruction to self-isolate and follow NHS guidelines. Therefore, they should not arrive on site.

GUESTS who become ill with Covid 19 symptoms while on site should arrange for a test to be taken at Carmarthen showground (or ring freephone number 119) and arrange for the whole party to be taken home at the earliest opportunity.

GUESTS should

  • follow guidelines on social distancing when out and about. The Byre is fairly isolated, and meeting lots of people here is unlikely. Please be mindful when going into Llandovery and local towns and beauty spots, to follow social distancing rules.  We are lucky here, that it is very possible to have a relaxing holiday without leaving the locality.
  • minimise the number of trips to the local supermarkets, and though we have an excellent Co-op in Llandovery, and Aldi and Morrisons in Brecon, both Asda and Morrisons deliver here.
  • be advised that there still may be restricted opportunities to eat out at this time (though there are take-away opportunities in town) and they should be prepared to fully self-cater.
  • wash their hands upon entering the property. We will provide hand soap and towels at each sink, with back up supplies.
  • Supply contact details for all guests (name and mobile number for the Government’s Test and Trace programme)


We always have an extremely high standards of cleanliness at The Byre. Disposable cleaning cloths will be available and changed after each guest.  For the duration of the Corvid-19 outbreak we have decided to adopt the cleaning protocols, and practices recommended by Public Health England (PHE) for Cleaning in Non-Healthcare Settings

As guests may not exhibit symptoms until after they return home, we will treat every clean as if the guests had potentially been infected. Therefore, we will:

  • Use disposable cleaning cloths
  • Wash all bed/bathroom and kitchen linen at manufacturer’s recommended temperature
  • Clean thoroughly with bathroom/kitchen cleaner
  • Disinfect with diluted chlorine bleach/Biohygiene Paying particular attention to frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, light switches and handrails.
  • Reduce kitchen crockery, and utensils so that they can all be washed between guests
  • remove all provisions apart from condiments in receptacles that can be wiped clean and disinfected or removed and rotated between guests
  • Reduce the amount of soft furnishings so that we can remove and rotate them between guests.
  • Use plain mattress/duvet and pillow covers over protectors and under duvets (either provided, or brought by guests)
  • Provide paper instructions for the property in plastic wallet that can be cleaned.

Note: DVDs, ornaments, games and books will remain in situ, but cannot be cleaned, so guests must use their discretion as to whether they wish to handle them.


Check-in, check out procedures


Check in – (after 4.00pm)

  • Please contact Lesley on 07944544267 upon arrival at the cottage
  • The cottage has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to your stay (for more information, see above)
  • Please ALWAYS wash hands when entering the cottage
  • Handwash is sited at each sink and replacements are kept under the kitchen sink
  • The key is inside the front door and has been disinfected


Check out – (before 10.00am)

  • Please strip all used beds of the top covers and place the linen on the floor
  • Please put used towels, and bathmat with the used bedclothes
  • Wash all crockery and cutlery in hot, soapy water
  • Tie up bin bags and leave outside the front door
  • Please contact Lesley on 07944544267 and leave the key in the door on departure


If you have any questions, or need to contact us for any reason, please ring 07944544267, or email


We hope you have enjoyed your stay with us and will come a see us again soon!


Many thanks,



Lesley, at The Byre